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Directions for Setting Up the Domain Name Package

This website is a sample of a Domain Name Package purchased at for $24.95.
It contains directions for using every component of the package. You may use all 5 components or only 1 for this low price, which does include website hosting!!!!

You are reviewing a very cost-effective package for a presence on the internet. This Domain Name Purchase Package includes everything you need for a website, a blog, a professional email address and a photo album which can be to showcase your product line or personal interests.

      This package includes:
            - the domain name (url address)
            - an email address to your domain name
            - a 5 page website
            - a photo album

Sample of a built-out Domain Name Package:

- a selected domain name:

- an email address using the domain name, such as (sample): and 100-Pack Email Forwarding

- a live five page web

- online photo filer

               Excellent idea BUT I don't want to read this, 
follow these directions and build it....        
                                            No problem!
The staff at Business Line Services can do that for you! You can buy the package or have us buy the package and include the cost in the build-out price. We will work with you to create your internet presence, whatever you want it to be (web site, e-commerce, SEO, blog, etc.)

Take a look at the products offered. They are listed below. Tell us what your objective is and which ones you want to use, if you have a preference. Send an email with your instructions to: .We will contact you to discuss your request and provide you with a proposal, outlining our agreed plan. 

Products that enhance your web sites can be added as you choose or as your needs change. You have the choice of sizes and capabilities on most products. They can be tried for as short as a one month commitment. Rates are based on monthly, quarterly, annually or multi-year purchase commitments.

General Usage

Online File Folder

Used for back-up, retrieving, or sharing files, accessible from any internet connection.

There are several ways to use this off-site file sharing/file storage system. It is password protected (can be changed in realtime, no limits to the number of password changes); it is secure: Powerful encryption keeps your personal files safe and secure.

Online Group Calendar

Great for planning 

Upload your audio or videos files

Copyright Protection

for your web site

Business Usage

Email Campaign

Shopping Cart

SSL Certificates

Merchant Accounts

Traffic Facts

Web site Submission Service

Fax thru Email


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