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Directions on the Set-up of Your Domain Name Package

Shortly after purchase, you will receive via email a confirmation of your purchase from Business Line. When you are buying the domain name package or any other product at, you will be setting up an account. You will receive an account number with your receipt when your purchase is complete. You will also receive it in the confirmation email.
This customer number is your log-in. Keep it in a safe place.
During the purchasing process, you will be asked for a password. You will need to remember that password to login to your account to activate any of these features. 

Login to your account: go to Click on My Account (on the bar at the top). Your customer number is required for the first field, your password for the second. Presto, you’re in to the activation, management and implementation area. Now you can activate the purchased item(s).
All renewals or other product purchases can be done through this log-in; that way, all of your website "stuff" can be easily integrated because it is together.


Domain Name Purchase

Confirm the activation of your domain name under Manage Domains within the drop-down of Domain Names. There are add-on features here, like forwarding, masking, and anonyminity that you may want to add at some point.

For these directions, the sample domain name used is:

Support is only a Phone Call or an Email Away 
If you need help in setting up or using any of the products offered at, please call our support line at 480 624-2500 or you can send an email when you are logged into your account.

If you call for support, have your customer number and your account pin number ready for identification. (This is set-up and recorded in account security information under account settings, accessed after you log-in to your account.)

Importance of a Domain Name

A domain is a web address. Organizations, businesses, individuals, groups, and governments can all have domain names. First, a domain name should reflect who or what it is representing. Keeping your web address accurate and as short as possible to make it easier to remember and type into a web browser or address bar.

Caution: Do not pick a trademark name or slogan unless you own the rights to it. To search for trademarked names, visit the US Patent and Trademark Office.

A domain should be unique. It is defined by two parts.
To the right of the dot is the top level domain, defining the entity's purpose and structure.

To the left of the dot is the actual domain name. This must be registered through an ICANN (Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrar. Dogbones Network Inc. is an authorized reseller of an ICANN accredited registrar. Domain names purchased through Dogbones Network are purchased at

Caution on Domain Name Renewal

Beware of businesses that track new domain name registrations. When you purchase your domain name at Business Line, it is through an ICANN (Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrar. Often you will receive a letter from a very official looking registry. This is a company looking to redirect your domain registration. Pay no attention to this letter which is an exceptional marketing tool. There is no need to transfer to a different company. Many companies charge much more for a domain name purchase or renewal than is charged at Business Line for the Domain Name Package.

You manage your renewals through your login at, where you can choose to have it a manual or automatic renewal, charged to a credit card that you have on file (a secure site).

The renewal includes all the features in the Domain Name Package. You can maintain your web site, your blog, and your email with every domain name renewal. Your package continues as long as you choose to keep it active.

We keep this simple and we keep it honest. We send notifications. You manage your account. 

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