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How to Set-up the Email in this Domain Name Package

Directions on Set-up of Email Account

Access your email from an internet connection. Always be in touch.

This domain package has 1 (one) box for incoming emaiI, 25 MB in size. It is associated with your domain name. For the working sample package, the active email address is .

To set-up your email, login to your account at
  - Go to the Hosting and Email dropdown. 
   - Select Email Accounts
   - Under Manage Mail, click on the Use Credit to activate the email associated with your domain name purchase. This will bring up a box on the right. Highlight or select your domain name. Hit Continue.

   - Within the You Have Activated One Email Account box, click on the visit Email Control Center. This will bring up a window. 
   - Select the Add Address button. This will bring you to the Add Email screen. This is where you decide the email address for your domain. This is where you also record your password for access to the web based mailbox.

      You will be given the option to

      1. carbon copy all emails received at this address to another existing email address.

      2. Make this a catch-all email account which directs all incorrectly addressed emails to this domain into this email box.

      3. Enable spam filtering. (We have advanced Spam Filtering Technology: Spam Xploder, which does a great job at catching unsolicited bulk email.

      4. Set-up an auto responder to all emails sent to this address.

      5. Set-up number of SMTP relays per day.

      6. Purchase a more robust plan.


Accessing Email
After set-up, there are two places to access your emails.

1. If you selected the carbon copy option, emails sent to this address will also get directed to an existing account that you may have at your internet provider, yahoo, or hotmail (examples). You will periodically have to login to this email’s inbox at to empty the inbox contents if you use this option.

2. This is web-based Email. This means that you can read your emails wherever you have internet access. To do that, the login address is

You will need the email address and Password that you set up when you activated the email address. (at the Control Center)

If the web based login is the primary usage of this address, it is to your benefit to populate your address book with the addresses of those you want to receive emails from and to whom you send emails. Spam Xploder is a strong defense against unidentified emails. Email addresses in your address book get admitted to your inbox.


100-Pack Email Forwarding

This can best be described as using this address as a gateway for 100 email addresses that do not have an inbox. They go through here and get directed to an address with an inbox. If you’ve never set these up, please call Tech support 480 624-2500 to get walked through your first one.

 is: . This is the blog address that your family and friends can subscribe to or just type in the address bar so that they can read and respond to your entries. A blog is a web log, also considered an online journal in which others can respond or post a comment to your entry. Their comments go into a pending file until you accept them on the Admin page. Then everyone can read them.

You can go to the Administration Page of the blog anytime to make changes, accept pending comments and create a new entry.

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