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Using Website Templates

Directions on the Set-up of a Web site Tonight® Template

No software to download! Choose from many templates...
After you activate your domain name, the web based (no software) Website Tonight Program is available for use.

web site design template included with this Domain Name Package has 50 MB of space and a maximum of 5 pages. Emails and hyperlinks do work. No pop-up interference. For a functioning sample of a web site template choice, view: or .

If and when this size is not enough for your needs, additional space can be purchased for your account at

The domain name purchase gives you the option of using a Starter page which is 1 page or building up to a 5 page website. Some people do a starter page before they design 5 pages in Website Tonight®. That is an option that will come up as you activate the program.

To get started designing your web site, 
   - Log into your account at
   - Website Tonight® is found under the Website dropdown.
   - Highlight Website Tonight® Accounts
   - Under manage Web Sites, click on Use Credit
   - This brings up a selection box on the right: Setup Free Website Tonight
   - Highlight (select) the domain name. Hit Continue.

   - This will bring up your new account under Manage Web Sites
   - Click Set-up Account under Hosting Settings. You will be logged into the Hosting Control Center where you will create a user name and password for your hosting account. This is your hosting server login information. You will rarely need it. Activation will take a few minutes. Your website hosting fee is included with this package. 


After the hosting account is activated,  launch Website Tonight®. 
   - Go to the Manage Web Site page. You will see your domain name listed, the associated Hosting Settings Open and the option to build your site. Click Launch
   - After you accept the User Agreement, you will have the option for the Starter page or to design your web site.

   - Insert an active email address for contact when asked.

   - As a sample for visualizing, the Company Name for this domain is Dogbones Network Inc. This shows up as owning the copyright, so put in your legal name.

   - After this you are able to review the templates.

Choose a Template

Choose from a wide selection of pre-designed templates that allow you to select colors, page layouts, page and tab names
They are categorized by theme.

If you choose a template and later want to change it, while in the program go to the Build Web Site tab, select templates and presto, you can start over. Expect that nothing from your existing template will transfer to your new one. However, if your web site is live on the internet, you can go to your website and copy wording that can then be pasted into your new template. (It's kinda cheatin'.)

The template for is found under Food & Restaurants.

The template for is under Generic.

Other websites owned by Dogbones Network Inc. created with Website Tonight® include, and

Template Themes

Arts & Hobbies:
motorcycles, classic cars, racers, photography, art

Computer & Technology: technology, electronics, web design, media

Education: people, open book

Family & kids: people, Rubber Ducky, Sitting Dog

Fashion & Retail: shopping, retail

Food & Restaurant: hot chili peppers, apples, fruit, tea party

Generic: basics, geometric, nothing = a clean slate

Gaming & Entertainment: online gaming, gambling

Health & Beauty: medical tag, people, DNA helix

Music: horn player, music teacher, singing & jiving with headphones

Outdoors: flowers, beach, yoga

Real Estate: geometric, bicyclists, city line, window image, construction

Religious: cathedral, candles, my Church

Special Occasions: Easter eggs, Holiday theme of ornaments and holly, jack o’lantern, champagne glasses, present, Hanukkah

Sports: bowling, golf, team, women’s sports, snowboarding, martial arts, extreme sports, general

Travel: highways, beaches, scenes

Wedding: cake, ribbon

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