Domain Name, Email, Website, & Photo Album
Using the Photo Album

Directions on the Set-up of Photo Filer

Upload and view, no log-in needed. Online Photo Filer gives you log-in free, photo sharing to your photo album.Build a book, order prints.


Activating Your Album
To associate the Online Photo Filer with a domain name, you must 
   - log into your account at 
   - Find Online Photo Filer under Hosting and Email.
There will be a summary that tells you how many credits you have. 
   - Click the link Use Credit. This will bring up a list of domains on the right that have this feature available as part of the Domain Package. Select the domain name that you want the photos associated with. “New Account” gets added on the left.
   - activate Set-up Account

FYIs for Your Look
   1. In the set-up process, you will be given the option to name the site. The Site Title of the album associated with the sample Domain Name Package is There and Back
You will need an email, a user name and password.
You will also have the option to create a sub-domain associated with the pictures and this domain, or another domain or a domain registered at a different Registrar. For this album, the sub domain was created.
You will get to select a theme and colors, then a Gallery name. This gallery is named Travelers. You have the option to make this photo album private, public or password-protected. If you get asked to click on the Information bar, this is to install a component that will make uploading pictures easy. The information bar is towards the top of your screen, typically under the address bar.

Hints for You Album
   1. Upload low-res pictures (72 dpi is great for the web). There's several reasons for this: 
         - less space 
         - viewing quality is great
         - difficult to print good picture quality, eliminating unauthorized replication 
It’s easiest to have the images you want to upload in one folder. The other option is to check the box on each image that you want to upload. You will also be given the option to allow visitors to order prints.

   2. After you have uploaded the photos, go into the Gallery tab to arrange the albums. You can have multiple albums associated with one domain name.

   3. To edit or arrange the order of pictures within an album, go to the Organize tab on the right. Highlight, drag and drop to arrange photos.

Editing tools and additional photo albums can be purchased. You can have multiple Photo Filers associated with one domain name, so you can share more than one album on your web site.  Editing tools give you the capability to adjust contrast, brightness and red eye. 

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